Training Philosophy

Exercise is more than a good sweat

As we become inundated with health and wellness information, it becomes ever so challenging to know where to start. We tend throw everything at the wall until it sticks, hop from one diet to the next, or fall into ruts by doing the same thing every day. As I have grown in my 7 years of coaching, I've come to understand the paradigm of "everything matters, yet nothing matters." My goal is to help my clients understand what they truly want out of their health. 

Having worked with hundreds of clients, I have seen the pattern of peoples' goal not actually being their own. Maybe it's what they see on social media, or the headline of the tabloid magazine in the checkout line. Maybe they feel the need to prove something to someone. The abundance of information has made it hard to curate what an individual truly needs. 

I continue to run into this issue as a trained professional. Earning an Exercise Science Degree from Oregon State University, holding the "Gold Standard" of Strength and Conditioning certifications, taking continuing education course after course; all of this can lead to paralysis by analysis. With so much information, you think the answer would be clear. 

You may have heard that the best training program is the one you will adhere to, and I believe this to be the driving force behind my practice. If 2020 didn't prove to us that life changes in ways we can't predict, there is bound to be something that throws us out of our routine. It is during these times that our understanding and relationship with our health keep us resilient and adaptable. My role is to foster a cognizant, but not obsessive relationship with fitness. A relationship that will serve you as long as you invest appropriately in it.

It's not about being on or off the wagon, it's about fine tuning it to enjoy the ride.  

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About Me

You could say I've been an exercise enthusiast all of my life. Born and raised in the Portland Metro area, I was exposed to athletics from a young age. My mother, who was a teacher and cheerleading coach at our local high school, would bring my brother and I to practices where we bounced off the walls of the wresting room. I was always expressing myself through movement, dancing, and play.

Playing football from 4th grade to my senior year of high school showed me the value in being strong not only for yourself, but for others around. I started hitting the weights at at the age of 15. I have always been modest when it comes to my strength, but I pride myself on being a student of movement, a jack-of-all-trades if you will. 

Although I lacked talent to continue football in college, I decided to give cheerleading at Oregon State a shot, coming full circle from my initial exposure to fitness.

This is when I realized my passion for supporting others, figuratively that is. Initially entering college with a desire to become a teacher, I realized I could merge teaching with movement. I quickly changed majors to Exercise Science and got a personal training job at my campus gym. The rest is history. 

I've been a coach for 7 years now and running a successful business for 5 years. I spend most of my free time exploring - hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. I love video games, and if I wasn't training others, I would be seeking a job as a motion capture actor to bring new characters to life. 

Clients tell me I'm fun to work with and reliable. If I don't have an answer to your question, I will learn. If I still don't know, I will connect you with someone who does. This industry is full of ego, and I want to be your professional curator, not your guru.